Business IT Services

Keeping Your Systems Running Smoothly

We know how important it is to ensure the security of your systems and data—but dedicated IT can be prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller businesses. That’s where we come in. For a flat monthly fee, our IT experts will work as an extension of your team, providing comprehensive IT support that keeps your business up and running.

Our IT Experts are At Your Service

As your IT partner, we offer the power of an entire outsourced IT department, at a fraction of the cost.

Your Platform Experts

Support all of your server, desktop, network, security, and backup needs

24/7 Local Support

Monitoring and maintaining all of your IT resources 24/7

Safe and Secure Data

Develop and maintain a complete set of IT policy and procedures to ensure that all your data is safe and secure

Optimize Your Network

Ensuring network performance to optimize efficiencies

Managed IT Security is designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your network and data using both software and hardware technologies to monitor, prevent and respond to unauthorized network intrusions. We offer enterprise-class security to keep your network protected.

Managed Firewall

Content Filtering
Intrusion Prevention
Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Global VPNs


Granular security configuration to lock down by user, group, or application
Create passwords for guest access
Mobile access via your iOS and Android Devices


Tailored to small businesses (1-99 users) Includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Firewall Protection
Remote Administration

Wilson Communications provides collocation to increase security and redundancies while delivering the same level of performance as on-premise equipment. Today more than ever, uptime (or downtime) means real money to your business, we will create redundancies that will ensure that even if the worst happens locally, you’ll still be in business globally.

Wilson Communications can provide you with the latest in servers including complete Turn-Key solutions.

Hosted Servers
  • Servers are located in a secure environment with redundant power backup
  • Secure connection through VPN allowing seamless access to your business resources
  • Optional external IP addresses available
Server On Location
  • Rack, Tower, and Blade servers
  • Turn-Key solutions available including servers, racks, UPS, and more

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and we can help you keep it safe. Data Backup & Continuity is the process of creating and storing copies of your data that can be used for recovery in the event your original data is lost or corrupted. Wilson Communications IT Services’ Data Backup & Continuity will create a disaster recovery plan that offers:

  • Redundant secure off-site data backup
  • Online configuration and management
  • Scale up or down as your needs change
  • Recover from data loss quickly
  • Secure access to backed up data
  • Scalable deployment

Improve operational and cost efficiencies with a comprehensive network designed and backed by our team of professionals. Wilson Communications IT service will deliver support for your data so you can focus on your core business. Our team will design a thorough network diagram complete with visualizations and descriptions to monitor and maintain a network that fits your business needs.

Managed Network
  • Complete configuration of your network
  • All network equipment is actively monitored to ensure the best performance
  • Network traffic monitoring and analysis
Network Monitoring
  • Active monitoring of equipment and traffic flow
  • Monitoring of performance and resource usage
  • Security threat monitoring

Managed WiFi helps businesses scale their IT networks to meet the increasingly exciting—and complex—applications made by possible wireless internet. A seamless and well-designed WiFi system can make all the difference in any workplace; whether you need WiFi for employees or visitors to your business.  Wilson Communications’ Managed Wireless Networks offers the ability to scale as your organization grows, for seasonal increases/decreases in WiFi usage or to accommodate changes in your company structure helping you finding cost-effective ways to optimize your wireless business networks.

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Wireless Firewall
  • Virtual Access Point (VAP)

Cloud services are infrastructure, platforms or software that are available via a remote cloud computing server rather than an on-site server. These solutions provide users with access to computing services such as analytics or networking via the internet. Wilson Communications IT Cloud Services provide a secure scalable environment for your business’s web presence, e-mail, calendar and online collaboration.

Web Hosting

  • Custom Domains and Subdomains
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Advanced server side scripting including PHP and Perl are available

Hosted E-mail

  • Next generation E-mail and collaboration
  • Access from desktop, web, or mobile devices
  • Reduced start-up and total ownership costs

The Service Desk Portal acts as a point of contact between our Wilson Communications Team and your business. Provides a stream-line method for all incident reports, service requests, change notifications, and any other necessary communications. Our Service Desk Portal provides a help desk software suite for IT Services, Asset Management and Project Management.

  • Easy to use web interface
  • Create and track trouble tickets
  • View request status and updates
  • Incident Management
  • Resource Tracking
  • Project Management

We carry the latest in Traditional, Digital, VOIP, and Cloud Based Phone systems featuring Digium and NEC systems. Some of the available features are:

  • Voice Mail to E-mail
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • Call Conferencing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Integration of Client Relationship Management software
  • Recording and Monitoring
  • Computer Based Switchboard
  • Mobile Phone Integration

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